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Hello, you have reached this page in error. You probably fall into two categories:

  • lient Looking for a Vet
    If you are a client looking for a vet, then please conduct a search by visiting our home page by clicking here.

  • Veterinarian Concerned About Personal Information
    If you are a vet and concerned about information is listed in the database, then please reset assured that we provide no personal information whatsoever. Our database only lists business clinics that are public records. Some search engines are incorrectly stating that personal information is listed in our database, when it is not. We are working with them to correct this glitch. In the interim, feel free to conduct a search for yourself, but please rest assured that no personal information is on our web site.

  • Other Information
    If you do not fall into either of these categories, or if you have additional concerns, drop us an email at



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